It goes without saying that many of the women who surround us are bursting with wisdom, experience and knowledge – all of which can be shared and past down onto those who seek it.

There are many benefits to having women as a mentor in your life. Not only can you expect unconditional support and understanding, but you may also tap into other aspects of life and living that you may have never even thought of before. Having a woman as a mentor can change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Finding a Female Mentor

The wise guidance provided by a woman with experience is valuable beyond words. If you’re searching for a female mentor, she might be right under your nose! She may even be:

> One of your closest friends who has experienced many of life’s setbacks and challenges.

> A co-worker who has achieved many of the things that you aim to in the future.

> A hard-working member of your family or extended family.

> An actively involved member of your community.

> A dedicated teacher.

Every August is Women’s Month in South Africa- a reminder not to forget to take the time to appreciate those inspirational females all around you, especially the ones dedicating time to helping you reach your goals and become a better person! Do not forget this important notion, not just in August, but for every month of every year.

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