What is Medical Gap Cover?

What is Medical Gap Cover?

Medical gap cover is not a medical insurance plan but a supplementary health insurance policy. It acts as a financial safety net, bridging the difference, or “gap,” between what your medical aid scheme pays for and the fees charged by private medical professionals should they be above your scheme’s allocated amount. This cover for unexpected […]

The Future of Gap Cover

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In general, we all aim to ensure that our health, and that of our loved ones, is looked after. However, the past few years have shown that there are no guarantees regarding healthcare. This is where gap cover comes in. Gap cover covers the in-hospital shortfalls of medical aids when they don’t finance everything a […]

Hellopeter Ranks TRA – As the Best Gap Cover in South Africa.

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Taking out medical gap cover can prove life-saving, especially when you are admitted to a hospital and risk incurring shortfall costs. Medical aid scheme rules and regulations can be exasperating and frustrating to follow. Why do our medical aid benefits run out when we need them the most? And why do medical aids cover some […]

How to Future-Proof Your Healthcare

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The South African private healthcare sector is world-renowned for its effectiveness and professionalism. This, however, does not come cheap. South Africans have felt the cost of medical aid in their pockets for years, and private healthcare costs are only increasing. Medical aids can’t always afford to cover everything – this is where gap cover comes […]

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for Mommy and Baby

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Knowing what to pack in your hospital bag can be difficult for an expecting mom, especially if this is your first hospital delivery. Everyone has advice and opinions on what you need, so much so that your list can end up being miles long whilst you have no idea what you’ll use. It’s a good […]

Global Credit Rating for Medical Schemes – Are you securely covered?

Global Credit Rating for Medical Schemes: Are you securely covered?

Global Credit Rating (GCR) is Africa’s leading insurance rating system. It plays a vital role in the South African medical schemes industry. The GCR system is a relative and systematic rating using an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a company and the debt instruments issued by that business. The GCR is useful for […]

Why has the Annual Aggregate Limit increased?

Why the Annual Aggregate Limit has increased?

Do you know what the annual aggregate limit for your gap cover provider is and how this can affect you and your family? Terms used in insurance can often be complicated and overwhelming. However, it is important for medical aid and gap cover members to understand what these terms mean and how it affects their […]

Cancer Cover For Women – 2022

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A cancer diagnosis can evoke various emotions for the uncertain and challenging time ahead. Despite significant advances in cancer treatment, South African women still have a 1 in 8 chance of developing cancer. While cancer can certainly be overwhelming, you do have the option not to worry about the added financial strain. Our Female Cancer […]

Tips To Stretch Your Medical Aid Benefits

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Private healthcare can quickly delve into your hard-earned cash if you do not keep close tabs on the limitations of your medical aid benefits and your co-payment expenditure. It is important to manage your medical expenses smartly if you want these benefits to last. Here are a few tips to save money to make the […]