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Great Ways to Get in Shape This Spring

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Not that we have a severe winter in South Africa, but it is always such a joy to notice the first signs of spring – pastel blossoms, bright green leaf buds, and the heady scent of jasmine. It is less pleasant to notice that your summer clothing is a tad tight and your body is not in the best Shape

(Sorry, but the chances are, they have not shrunk in the wash.) So how are you going to get in shape this spring?

Here Are Our Top Tips to Get in Shape

This year, keep it as simple as A-B-C… or in this case, 1-2-3.

1. Know Yourself:

Knowing why you overeat or skip exercise sessions is key to developing a plan that it going to lead to success. Being able to sidestep binge eating by practising breathing techniques when you are stressed is one of the best techniques you can put in your toolbox. So is exercising with a friend to boost your commitment.

2. Eat Properly:

You really do know what is good for you. Crazy fad diets are often part of an unhealthy yo-yo cycle, so try to avoid them altogether. Cutting out a food group entirely is extreme. Rather, stick to foods that are as close to their natural state (i.e. unprocessed) as possible. Monitor your portions vigilantly. Use dressings sparingly.

3. Make Exercise a Habit:

There are no excuses. Humans were designed to move – so get moving! It doesn’t have to be running a marathon or swimming to Robben Island. Aim to squeeze in exercise at every stage of your day. Waiting for your morning cuppa? Do some squats or calf raises. Heading to work? Park as far from the entrance as possible and use the stairs. Little at a time, you will soon notice a renewed strength, firmness, and fitness.

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