Nelson Mandela is renowned for his role as a revolutionary leader who spent almost 67 years of his life in the fight against inequality and for a free and fair society.

He was determined to fight all forms of discrimination, injustice and inequality. Madiba stands out as a visionary leader who exercised his power with humility and respect for his colleagues and opponents alike.

1. Forgiveness
Peace and forgiveness were Mandela’s biggest influence on the new South Africa. He was adamant that the way forward should not be clouded by anger over the past. In 1995 he established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that investigated human rights violations and gave an outlet to grievances.

2. Youth
Getting the youth vote is common practice nowadays. But as far back as 1944, one of Mandela’s strategic projects was to convene an ANC youth league – the ANCYL.

3. Honesty
Nelson Mandela admitted the wrongs that he had committed, but was steadfast in his justification that it was for a greater good.

4. Resilience
Being handed a life sentence did not weaken Mandela’s resolve.

5. Dignity
Despite his hardships, Mandela’s strength, conviction and great dignity made him a noteworthy leader around the world.

6. Moral Compass
“The apartheid regime had put law and order in disrepute,” Mandela wrote of the Constitution in his autobiography. “Because of this crude practice, and out of my own convictions, I exploited every opportunity to promote respect for law and order and for the judiciary.”

7. Generosity
Through his foundations, Mandela advocates:
• Educational opportunities,
• Social justice in every corner of the world,
• HIV/AIDS crisis management,
• The fight against poverty.

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