General Medical Check Up

Making an appointment to go visit the doctor is not only for when an individual is sick, but it is important to go every year for check up with your GP.  These check-ups are actually very important for your doctor to see if you are on the right track at staying healthy. It also helps pick up any medical problems which you might be unaware about.

World AIDS Day

World AIDs day is celebrated on the 1st of December every year. It is a day for people to unite and fight against HIV,  Show support to individuals who are living with HIV and commemorate those who have died from the illness. It was the first ever Global Health Day founded in 1988.

World Suicide Prevention Day

On the 10th of September, it is World Suicide Prevention Day. It is a day to create public awareness for one of the world’s largest causes of premature and unnecessary death. The World Health Organization estimates that over 800 000 people commit suicide every year! That is one person every 40 seconds.

5 tips

5 Tips to Prevent Colds and Flu

During the colder winter months, it is important to look after yourself to make sure that you do not get the common colds and flu that go around. There are many different ways in which you can prevent colds and flu, so rather take the extra precautions.