Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer:

The ‘Silent Killer’ is the title which has been coined for Ovarian Cancer. This is due to the very few signs and symptoms apparent in the early stages of the disease. Researchers have found that if women do have symptoms, they are normally dismissed as being due to something else.

International Day of Charity

The 5th of September is known as the International day of Charity. In 2012, the day was proposed by Hungary, with the goal being to create a universal platform for awareness about the importance of charitable giving.

Heart Disease in Males:

Heart Disease is one of the most common diseases faced by males. It was found that more than one in three adult men have some form of heart disease. These diseases are in the list below:

International Left-handers Day

International Left-handers day is celebrated on the 13th of August every year. It is a day to bring awareness of how many left-handed people there out there. It is also to see how many things in the world we live in that are designed for right-handed individuals.  Take a look at some facts about left-handed individuals:

Kick-start Your Way Into Spring Health Mode

Staying healthy and active during winter can be challenging. Don’t Stress! If you struggled this winter, spring is soon upon us, and it’s not too late to start small- get outside as the weather improves- even if it’s just for a stroll around the block.

World Hepatitis Day 2018

World Hepatitis Day takes place every year on the 28th of July. It is aimed at bringing the world together to raise awareness of viral hepatitis and the impact it has. The theme for this year is “Eliminate Hepatitis.”