During the winter months, it is difficult to keep your eating habits under control. With the shorter days and colder weather, we can lack the motivation to stay healthy and fit. Take a look at the 4 tips to eating healthy this winter:



When it’s cold, our body’s crave warm food. So, instead of eating a normal cold salad, add warm elements to your salad, such as roasted vegetables, potatoes, crispy chickpeas, toasted nuts or warm chicken or beef. This will make it more palatable on those colder days.

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There are many unhealthy cream-based soups which are loaded with fat and calories, so make sure you look for healthy soups or make your own. There are many healthy recipes around that are easy to make, are delicious and are loaded with vegetables.

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There are many different spices which are associated with winter such as cinnamon, nutmeg and paprika. These spices add depth and warmth to food which in return add a comfort food taste without the calories. Not only does it have the comfort food factor, but some spices offer health benefits as well. For example, if you have sinus infections, spicy food helps to clear out your sinuses or relieve a stuffy nose.

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During the colder days, having a warm tasty dessert after dinner is something some people can’t just give up. So try to find a healthy recipe to make these desserts but with less sugar and butter and more fruit and vegetables.

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With adding the above 4 tips to your winter eating routine, you should find it much easier to keep healthy but still feel satisfied.

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