The International Day of Happiness is a day to celebrate being happy! It started in 2013 as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in people’s lives around the world. It is celebrated on the 20th of March annually due to the March Equinox.

Individuals have realised that human happiness and well-being is important to growth and development. There are 193 United Nation member countries who take part in the International Day of Happiness.

According to the United Nations:“ The resolution was initiated by Bhutan, a country which recognized the value of national happiness over national income since the early 1970’s and famously adopted the goal of Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product. It also hosted a High Level Meeting on “Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm” during the sixty-sixth session of the General Assembly.

The theme for 2019 is: Share Happiness and be Part of Something Amazing.

How to celebrate the International Day of Happiness:

There is no official way of celebrating the day, but it is important to spread happiness and make the day worth it. Due to the theme being “share happiness”, you can spread your happiness around by helping someone out, giving someone a card/hug, and just being happy yourself as well.


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