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Is Medical Gap Insurance Worth It?

Is Medical Gap Insurance Worth It?

You should consider buying Medical Gap Insurance as secondary health insurance to cover any shortfalls that may exist in your medical costs. Gap health insurance acts as a supplementary insurance to your medical plan, ensuring that you will be covered should your medical expenses may exceed your medical aid coverage. Gap coverage offers you protection in a relatively inexpensive way to avoid potential debt that might arise from medical aid shortfalls. Here are a few questions you might have in relation to Gap Health Insurance:

How much of a lump sum will I get back from my health Gap Insurance for dental treatment?

Total Risk Administration’s Gap Cover Policy does not offer any dental insurance benefits or in-hospital dental treatment benefits, unless it is for a child under the age of 18, or was authorised by the medical scheme and is for the treatment of impacted wisdom teeth, extractions, apicectomies or loss of teeth due to oncology or trauma. No other treatments are covered for adults over the age of 18.

Can I claim back excess costs not covered by my medical aid from a Health Gap Insurance policy?

If the excess costs are covered by your Health Gap Insurance and you have passed the stipulated waiting period, you will be able to claim from your Health Gap Plan.

Should I cancel my employer’s primary health insurance if it is too expensive and only have a medical gap plan?

To qualify for Gap coverage, you and your dependents must belong to a medical aid scheme which is registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. Medical Insurance does not qualify for Gap Cover.

Who is the best supplemental medical gap insurance company when you require additional benefits?

Total Risk Administrators offers four different Gap Cover packages to choose from according to your requirements:

Basic Cover 300, starting at R99 p/m

Vital Cover Plus, starting at R220 p/m

Super Cover Plus, starting at R250 p/m

Absolute Cover Plus, starting at R450 p/m

For more information on our Gap coverage options, you can have a look at our TRA Gap Cover brochure. For any other queries, contact Total Risk Administrators to speak to one of our specialists today:

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