How to Join The Fight Against Cancer

  Even just the possibility of cancer is a life-altering word. Although remarkable progress regarding detection and treatment of the disease has been made in recent years, the fear that naturally surfaces is very real. With the 4th of February being World Cancer Day, let us take a look at cancer, and how we can [Read More]

Swimming Your Way to Health

South Africa boasts a climate which is ideally suited to swimming. With sportsmen and women such as Penny Heyns, Chad Le Clos, Cameron van der Burgh and Ryk Neethling making us proud, swimming is a passion for many South Africans. Swimming is not only a fun way to cool off, but also a low-impact way [Read More]

Your guide to the Super Cover Plus Gap Cover option

We have discussed medical aid GAP COVER in previous articles, but there is another step beyond and that is SUPER COVER PLUS GAP COVER. What is the difference? This incredible product provides members with the difference between medical aid tariff and private tariff for in-hospital service providers up to 700% with no annual limit. It offers co-payment [Read More]

The Benefits of Choosing Premium Waiver

  What is PREMIUM WAIVER? This is a benefit in an insurance policy where the future premium payments are waived under certain conditions. This benefit can apply in the case of an accident, disability or death of the person who had been contributing to the premiums.. In other words, the waiver of premium allows people [Read More]

How Affordable Gap Cover Aids Your Medical Scheme

People are often under the misunderstanding that their comprehensive medical aid will cover them for any medical expenses they may incur. So, when you receive medical bills that your medical aid has not covered, you are shocked beyond belief. This is where you would need medical GAP COVER. There is nothing quite as horrific as that [Read More]