Gap Cover is for individuals or families on a medical aid. It does not replace a medical aid and is not a substitute for a medical aid, but it can assist with the additional costs your medical aid may not cover in full (but they have to pay their portion first) for in-hospital practitioner costs.

Individuals often do not realise that their medical aid does not always cover in-hospital medical expenses in full. This often only happens when you have already received the hospital treatment bill, which leaves you having to deal with unnecessary financial pressure.

Take a look at the 3 reasons why Gap Cover could help you below:

1. It covers the difference between what the medical aid pays and what the medical practitioner charges.

2. It may take the financial pressure off of the individual so that they can focus on getting their health back.

3. It is there to possibly help you when you have unexpected medical emergencies which your medical aid does not always cover the full costs of.

There is nothing quite as horrific as that sinking feeling as the bills start flowing in after you’ve had some or other surgery and you’re still convalescing. You are bed-ridden and still trying to figure out where you’re going to get the money to pay for all of these additional expenses. It’s the very last thing a recovering person needs.

Make sure that you may be able to prevent this situation and find out more about Gap Cover here.

NB: Obviously like any insurance, Terms and Conditions do apply.

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