A cancer diagnosis can evoke various emotions for the uncertain and challenging time ahead. Despite significant advances in cancer treatment, South African women still have a 1 in 7 chance of developing cancer. While cancer can certainly be overwhelming, you do have the option not to worry about the added financial strain. Our Femme Cover policies provide specific cover for female cancers, giving you peace of mind that you will be covered should you be diagnosed with cancer. Here is a look at what to expect with our Cancer Cover to help you compare our cancer insurance plans in 2021:

What types of cancer are covered by female Cancer Cover?

Our Femme Cover policies provide cover for a range of cancers that specifically affect women, such as:

  • Cervical Cancer
    Uterine Cancer
    Breast Cancer
    Ovarian Cancer
    Vaginal Cancer
    Bladder Cancer
    Cancer of the Fallopian Tubes

What treatments are covered by female Cancer Cover?

Some medical aid schemes do not offer comprehensive female cancer benefits, often resulting in coverage shortfalls. This is where Femme Cover will offer specific benefits to a policyholder and will pay out more than once via EFT should there be an unrelated occurrence. Our plans include the following benefits for treatment options:

Femme 50

This option pays out a lump sum cash benefit of R50 000 to the policyholder upon a confirmed diagnosis of a listed female cancer. Premium: R115 per month

Femme 100

A R100 000 cash lump sum benefit will be paid to the policyholder upon confirmed diagnosis of one of the stipulated female cancers. Premium: R205 per month

The Femme Cover policy has a general 3 month waiting period, and an exclusion will apply to pre-existing conditions where the policyholder should have sought or has sought prior medical advice and/or treatment.

Should you want more information on our comprehensive Cancer Cover for women under our Femme Care policy, get in touch with our Total Risk Administrators team today: https://totalrisksa.co.za/contact-us/


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