Making an appointment to go visit the doctor is not only for when an individual is sick, but it is important to go every year for a checkup with your GP. These checkups are actually very important for your doctor to see if you are on the right track for staying healthy. It also helps pick up any medical problems which you might be unaware of.

The purpose of the annual Medical Check Up is:

Circlearrow Primary prevention

Circlearrow To identify risk factors for common chronic diseases

Circlearrow To detect disease that has no apparent symptoms (secondary prevention)

CirclearrowAs a way for the doctor to counsel people to promote healthy behaviour

CirclearrowTo update clinical data since last checkup

What can you expect at your checkup:

Circlearrow1. Clinical History update:
This includes updating all tests and results, updating family history of diseases and updating your habits (alcohol use, smoking, exercise etc.).

Circlearrow2. Physical Exam ad Diagnostic tests:
These test may vary depending on your age, gender and information obtained from your clinical history.

During these annual medical exams is when doctors are able to detect issues that you are not aware of. It may even save your life. Therefore, make it a priority to make sure that you are healthy.


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