At the start of the new year, individuals always try and set a list of goals to follow throughout the year. Most people land up not accomplishing these goals due to them either being unrealistic or not truly something they want to achieve. Take a look at the 3 steps to set up new year goals for 2019.



Many individuals set aside goals which have been influenced by media, family or friends. This can sometimes be the reason we do not achieve them. Your goal should be something you are comfortable with. Write a long list of things you want to achieve and circle the ones you feel comfortable with and feel inspired to achieve.

These projects are things you know you have to accomplish throughout year. This can help you set goals which you know you also have the time to accomplish. Obviously in January, you not aware of everything you need to get done over the year, so make sure you leave some breathing room for those unexpected plans.

It is important to set out a plan on how you are going to accomplish these goals. If you set outs timeline, it will make the goal easier to achieve as you have broken it up. This also prevents you from procrastinating.



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