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If you ask a number of people if they know what gap cover is, many might have a general idea but some might not have a clue. There is a common misconception that you do not require a gap cover plan if you have a medical aid in place and that you will be 100% covered for all of your in-hospital costs. We are here to bust that myth and tell you that this is unfortunately untrue.

What is TRA gap cover?

Gap cover covers the shortfall between what a service provider charges and what your medical aid scheme will cover for in-hospital expenses. At TRA, we have four tailor-made products to cover your needs. And no, gap cover does not have to be very costly.

Our Basic Cover 300 is our entry level product which provides for Gap cover, Casualty cover and a separate Oncology Gap cover benefit. With this benefit option it covers up to 300% above medical aid scheme tariff which means that if your service provider charges anything up to 3 times what your medical aid will cover, TRA will provide for this GAP, subject to the annual limit.

The TRA Vital Cover plus option is our second entry level product sufficient in providing for Gap Cover, Casualty cover, Co-payment cover, Sub-limit cover and a separate Oncology benefit that provides Oncology Gap cover and Oncology Co-Payment cover. With this option you are covered up to 700% above medical aid scheme tariff.

If you are looking for something a bit more comprehensive, you can look at our mid range Gap Cover Product, Super Cover Plus. This provides Gap cover, Casualty cover, Co-payment cover, Sub-Limit cover and a separate Oncology benefit that provides Oncology Gap cover and Oncology Co-Payment cover. You are also covered up to 700% above the medical aid scheme tariff.

And last but not least, our flagship gap cover product, Absolute Cover Plus , which provides Gap cover, Casualty cover, Co-payment cover and Sub-limit cover as well as a separate Oncology benefit that provides Oncology Gap cover, Oncology Co-payment cover and unlimited Oncology Extender cover. It also covers you up to 7 times what your medical aid will cover.

TRA’s pricing for 2024

We have set up the TRA Gap Cover options into a table for you and your family to compare at a glance, your monthly premiums per policy, per month, helping you to make the right choice when it comes to the best option to suit your needs:

Product Individual Families Over 65’s*
Basic Cover 300 R99p/m R180p/m R360p/m
Vital Cover plus R300p/m R300p/m R450p/m
Super Cover plus R330p/m R330p/m R490p/m
Absolute Cover plus R590p/m R590p/m R730p/m

Download our 2024 Brochure for more details.

Now that you know Gap cover is technically not a nice to have but rather a necessity, get in touch with a broker to find out more about our TRA Gap cover product options.

Gap Cover Questions & Queries

If you have any more queries or questions regarding anything related to TRA Gap Cover, why not reach out to our helpful specialists here. You can also visit our Gap Cover page here.

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