Did you know that there was a time in history (and it wasn’t all that long ago) when women were expected to simply raise the children and run the household? Men held all the power and were viewed as being superior to women in every way imaginable.

Women were unable to voice their political opinions, were unable to vote and most certainly weren’t eligible to run for office. It’s amazing how much has changed in just a few short decades!

How it’s Different

For the most part, women are now viewed as equal to their male counterparts. We have females breaking into male-dominated industries, juggling work and family life while working high-power jobs, and even holding important positions within the political sphere. The progress and achievements are incredible to see – and it would seem that women are only getting stronger and more independent as the years go by. However some Things Have Yet to Change

Unfortunately, while women have made progress in leaps and bounds, there is still plenty of discrimination and a variety of limitations that still exist today. In many industries, women still earn less than men despite being hired to perform the same jobs. In many cultures, women are still viewed as ‘lesser’. In many countries around the world, women are still very much at the mercy of the men who surround them.

This Women’s Month, let’s take the opportunity not only to show our appreciation for the many amazing women in our lives, but to educate others about the importance of female rights and equal treatment. With education and dedication, we can make a bigger difference!

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