Gap Cover is one of those additional policies that work in conjunction with your medical aid, which assists with shortfalls in terms of what the doctor will charge you and what your medical aid will actually cover for in-hospital procedures.

There is the assumption that if you have a medical aid, you are naturally covered 100%, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Why shouldn’t you protect yourself and your family against financial disparity? Check out TRA Gap Cover’s 2019 product options and consult with your broker today, or visit here here., to secure you and your family's financial future, by not paying significant out-of-pocket medical expenses

All of TRA’s Gap Cover Policies:

Provide benefits for members and their dependants (spouse and/or child/children) who are covered on one policy of a registered medical aid scheme. Members and their dependants can only be on two different medical aids and one Gap Cover Policy if they are legally married, or common law partners verified by submission of an affidavit confirming 12 months of cohabitation.

Have no entry age limit.

Cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) where a medical aid has failed to meet its obligations in this regard (for non- emergencies only).

Are not medical aid schemes. The cover is not the same as that of a medical aid scheme. The cover is not a substitute for a medical scheme membership.

Are subject to the aggregate gap cover annual limit of R158 000 per insured person per annum. (This limit may change due to regulatory amendment).

All of the 2019 product options offer the following TRA ASSIST (powered by ER24 ASSIST) benefits:
- Home Drive
- Panic Button
- Medical Health Line

With affordable options ranging from R99 to R470 per month, more and more people are relying on TRA Gap Cover to assist them. Get peace of mind and consult with a broker to discuss your gap cover options. Alternatively, for more information, go to