What is a gap cover plan and why is it important? Well, having a gap cover plan in place will help you when there is a shortfall between what service providers charge and what your medical aid scheme will cover for in-hospital expenses. Note that you can only get a Gap Cover plan if you have a medical aid plan in place.

How do you compare plans?

Most South Africans know that healthcare in our country is quite expensive, and therefore most medical aids cover the cost of in-hospital visits, GP visits, dentists, etc. However, not all medical aids will cover you 100% and you will be left with the rest of the bill. Gap Cover will cover those costs, depending on the type of cover that you have, in order to cover the shortfall.

One way to compare would be firstly doing some research on the various gap cover options that there are. You can speak with a medical scheme advisor who can advise you on the type of gap cover plans that work well with the scheme that you are currently on. There are various personal and health related preferences that you need to take into account. Make sure that you compare all the fees, the cover amounts, waiting periods and all the T’s & C’s with the particular plan that you are looking for. Conveniently, all your research and comparisons can be done online. Sites such as www.hippo.co.za/ can also assist with comparisons.

Gap cover is not generally very expensive and you can take it out for just yourself or you can put your family members on your policy. Many Gap Cover providers offer a free quote when you complete an online form so it is important to be mindful of the information and to read the information clearly and carefully before you commit to any of the providers. You also need to take into account things that your gap cover won’t cover you for so it’s best to read the terms and conditions properly.

Medical Gap Cover Questions & Queries

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