International Men’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of November every year. It celebrates the positive value which men can bring to the world, their families and communities. The objectives of the day are:

CirclearrowValuing male role models

CirclearrowAcknowledging the contribution of men and boys

CirclearrowImproving male health

CirclearrowTackling discrimination and disadvantage

What can you do to celebrate International Men’s Day?

There is no official way to celebrate this day. It is however encouraged for you to celebrate through an event or an award ceremony. The purpose is for men to teach boys values, character and the responsibilities which come with becoming a man.

Individuals could approach their community to put together a small local event to celebrate the men around them. It’s also a special time to mention the brave men who protect the community such as policemen and firefighters etc.

If attending an event or hosting an event is not an option, social media can be used to create awareness. Share information about the day on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram using the hashtags, #internationalmensday #celebratemen #menshealth #stopmalesuicide #thankamantoday

For Resources on International Men’s Day, click here.

TRA wishes all Men a Happy International Men’s Day!


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