Six ways happiness improves your health

With it being the International Day of Happiness, TRA wanted to look into how happiness can affect you and your health. There has recently been a mass of research stating that happiness and good health go hand in hand. It has been found that happiness makes our hearts healthier and our immune systems stronger- which results in living longer.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is one of the five top cancers found South African men. It is a slow growing cancer so individuals who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer are in no rush to make any decisions.

International Epilepsy Day

International Epilepsy Day is a day which promotes awareness of epilepsy. It is held on the second Monday in February where people join to celebrate and recognise the problems individuals with epilepsy Face. It also recognises not only the individuals with epilepsy, but their families and their carers too. What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a [Read More]

The 3 Silent Killers

Silent killers are often overlooked due to their minor symptoms in the beginning. The saying: “Out of sight, out of mind” could not be more accurate when it comes to diabetes, hepatitis and hypertension. These conditions often do not show immediately but if they are left untreated it can become life- threatening. Below, we look [Read More]

Male Breast Cancer

We can easily see the support for women with breast cancer, but what about men who have breast cancer? For a lot of men and women, breast cancer in males is something they are not aware of. 

The Top Tech Wearables for Fitness Fans

In a quest to maximise your results in the least time, fitness fans have been investing in wearables. These technological trackers can count your steps, monitor your sleep and determine your calorific burn. They can even guide you on your form, exertion and reps while at the gym. The latest tech wearables effortlessly monitor your [Read More]